Referral Guide

Since there is no other!


the business

The Web is full of poorly designed websites. People struggle to find user-friendly sites and most of the elements on the website is so confusing it is hard to imagine how it will inspire potential clients to contact the business. There is also promise of free websites that advertise their own services more than your business. That is where we come in. For a business in the digital age to be successful, we direct the focus to six key factors:

We keep it simple

A good idea

Reserve a domain to preserve your idea

Start moving

Set up Secure Hosting and professional

Web design

Work with a professional web design agency to create a non-generic site that outshines the competition

Take time

Get a website visible on search engines


You may not start earning straight away, but the key is to stick with your strategy and every strategy should include an online presence that is cost-effective.

Support Structure

When everything is up and running smoothly you will need continuous support


in helping us achieve greatness for businesses?

You get a referral code that customers should use to sign up for our service. If your code is used when the customer signs up for a service, you will receive 20% for once off services and 10% of the total quotation for as long as they remain a paying customer of Grafika Haus. It’s as simple as that! We manage the entire process for you. From the quotation to delivering the end result. 

Once Off


The client is looking for a logo design and a corporate profile. Grafika Haus sends them a quotation and invoice to value of R850-00 for the package. Once the total invoice is paid into the Grafika Haus account, we notify you and start with the design process. At completion, 20% of the total quotation is paid into your chosen bank account. Resulting in a payment of R170-00 paid to you once-off just for referring. If the client returns for more once-off services for example a flyer design you will not receive a referral payment for the new services request except if the client decides to take up a recurring service such as hosting or a domain, then you will receive the 10% referral payment owed to you.



You have referred a client to us that is interested in hosting services. Great! Grafika Haus will send the client a quotation for recurring service. The client accepts and pays the monthly cost of hosting. You will receive 10% every month for as long as they continue to use our services.  We repeat, every month for as long as the client pays! You can choose to put this new found income towards your hosting costs or into your pocket!