How to remote import a WordPress site via Softaculous using cPanel or FTP login details


Login to cPanel then scroll down to the Softaculous Apps Installer heading then click on the WordPress icon.

  1. In the Softaculous Enduser panel, click on the Import Tab on the Software Page.
  2. Click on ‘From Remote Server’ on the Import Page.
  3. Fill in the domain and FTP details of the Source Installation. Make sure to fill in details such as protocol, domain name, directory, database name etc for the Destination Installation. Click ‘Import’. Check ‘Source Details’ and ‘Destination Details’ below if you need assistance.
  4. Once you click the Import button, the import process will carry on in the background. You should receive an email once the process has initiated and another with the final status of the process.
  5. You can view the progress of your import by visiting the Task List tab at the top toolbar.
  6. You can manage the imported installation once progress reaches 100% and the message Import Completed appears.

Source Details #

  • Domain Name: This domain is the domain name that the installation will be imported from, but should not contain http:// or https://
  • Server Host: This is optional. Here you can specify the server host if your domain name is not the same as your server host. They will generally be the same so you can normally leave this blank.
  • Protocol: Here you select the protocol you would like to use. The default is FTP although this depends on what protocol is supported with your login details.
  • Port: The default port for FTP is 21, although you can specify another port to use while connecting to the domain.
  • FTP Username: This is the username you use to connect to your server; if you are using cPanel simply enter your username for cPanel here.
  • FTP Password: This is the password for the FTP user entered above to connect to the server. If you are using cPanel, again, you may enter your cPanel password here.
  • FTP Path: This is the relative path to web accessible directory of your domain; the path after you login to your domain with the details provided above. 
    For example public_html would be /public_html. www would be /www
  • Installation Directory: This is optional. This is the directory name where the installation you would like imported is present. If the installation is made in /public_html directory, you should keep this field blank.

Destination Details #

  • Choose Protocol: Choose the protocol supported by your server where the installation is be imported.
  • Choose Domain: This is the domain name where the installation is to be imported to.
  • In Directory: This is optional. Specify the directory name where you want the installation to be imported to. Keep this field blank if you want the installation imported to /public_html directory.
  • Database Name: Specify the Database name where you would like the database of the source installation to be imported to.

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