How to add product images?

Step 1 

You will have to resize all your images. We recommend using the internets oldest picutre resizer. Its easy to use and free! 

Open a new window (tab) on your internet browser and insert the following link:  as indicated below.


If you have image you can upload the image and continue to edit the picture. If you have a few product images that you have to resize, choose option 2, the batch resize option and add all your images. For illustration purposes we will continue with a batch edit in this guide. The steps remain the same.

Click on the add multiple files option and chose the images from your computer that you want to resize. 

Press the upload files button.

From the dropdown list under “make my pictures:” choose custom size pictures.

Now add the width and height of the pictures as 1000 pixels and press the “ Im done, resize my pictures!” button.  

Once this process is completed, you will see a screen like the one below. Choose “save to disk” the first option. Your images should download as a ZIP file. 

Go to the download location and unzip the folder. Your images are now the perfect size for upload to the online store. 

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