How to add a product to your store?

On the side panel go to products and add new. 

Type your product name in the product name space. 

Insert a short description of the product.

Choose the category for the product or create a new category ( in the space indicated in red the block).  Scroll down to see this screen.

Insert the price of the product in the space provided and a sales price if the item is on sale. 

Choose the next tab “inventory” and select manage inventory. Add your inventory settings and stock levels as indicated below.

Choose Shipping if applicable and add the size of the product as indicated below. Note that these sizes will be displayed on the website.

Go to the next tab which is linked products. Here you will add any products that is similar or that you want people to see when they are looking at this product. Add the required products to feature as indicated below.

You do not have to adjust any of the other settings in this tab. Scroll down until you see the screen below. On the right hand side indicated in red is where you will add the picture that you resized. Click set product image.

Click select files on the screen below. A new window will open where you can chose the picture or pictures that you resized in one of the previous steps. Select the files and click open. The files will upload and appear along with the rest of your images. 

Once you have completed this step you will see the files are uploaded as indicated below. Once updated you can select the image and click select product image at the bottom of the screen. 

Now your image is uploaded. You can can now scroll back up to the top of the screen.

Click the publish button indicated in red above. Congratulations! Your product was successfully uploaded to the website. 

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